3 Things You Might Not Know About Greece

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were lovely. Mine were super low key but nice because we just got back from a long trip to Greece and needed some R & R. This was my second time visiting Greece and I was able see more amazing sites and experience more of the city of Athens. I want to share a few neat tidbits that I feel some people may not know about Greece….

#1 : Lindsay Lohan opened her own nightclub in Athens, Greece and it’s fabulous.  

She did?! Yes. Seriously. It’s called “LOHAN Nightclub” and it is located in the Kerameikos region of Athens, Greece. She opened it with her Greek friend and business partner and it has been a true hit. They have some of the best DJ and live acts and offer the ultimate dancing experience. I visited on a Friday night with my husband and my sister-in-law and we had a blast. Lindsay really knows how to get the party started!

#2 :  Greece still has a music TV station that plays all day long.

They call it Mad TV and they play top European hits all day long just like MTV in America used to play Top 40 Hits back in the day. I developed a whole new playlist of awesome songs I don’t get to hear when I’m in America. So remember to turn a TV on and search for Mad TV during your next trip to Greece.

#3 : There are stray cats and dogs everywhere – and they’re friendly!

Being an animal lover, this was super cute because almost every street I would walk down I would see at least one kitty. The nice thing is most of the Greeks take care of the strays by leaving food and water out on their porches and many Greeks end up taking them in as their pet. I definitely wanted to take some of them home with me! Check out myInstagram to see more photographs of my trip to Greece!

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