The Key to Healthy Organic Skin

I struggled with dry skin for a long time. My husband struggled with dryness and Rosacea. We tried countless products that either made things worse or just didn’t show results.
We always make sure to choose organic options at the grocery store and maintain a healthy diet, but one day while eating an organic avocado it hit me :

what I apply to my skin should be just as important as what I consume!

After all, our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Many of the skincare products on the market today are made without organic ingredients that can be harmful to our delicate skin, hence why I had not been seeing great results.

Yeah, Hence!

I decided to create a 100% Organic Youth Mist to spray on my face throughout the day as needed. I noticed amazing results in just a few days. My skin appears more alive and hydrated, my complexion has improved, and my skin is so silky smooth to the touch!

The Rosacea my husband struggles with causes his blood vessels to enlarge around his cheeks leaving him with redness and irritation. You can imagine how it would interfere with his acting career! No bueno. He now uses the Organic Youth Mist every day and his skin has improved so much! The aloe and chamomile combination helps to soothe his skin and prevents the nasty effects of Rosacea! He looked in the mirror and said,

“Wow…. this stuff is amazing!”

During our travels, the harsh stale air from airplanes tends to leave us with dryness, so we bring our Organic Youth Mist 2 ounce bottle on the airplane and spray to stay hydrated. Soothing skin after sun exposure, hydrating on cold windy days… so many opportunities to let this product do its magic!

The best part is that we are preventing fine lines and wrinkles by using this product as well. The results of using cold pressed Jojoba oil on the skin over time are amazing. I truly can’t express what a miracle in a bottle this has become for us.

Nothing makes me happier than making sure my family is healthy and happy. I want to share this product with the world because everyone deserves healthy, beautiful skin. The key is Organic.

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